Studentunionen (ENG)

The student union at Kristiania University College (SHK) is the school’s student association. All active members of SHK work on a volunteer basis to ensure your study period will be the best possible. SHK is for all students at the college. We are located in Oslo and Bergen.

The student association is an interest group that is independent of religious or political affiliations and it is run by and for the students. The purpose of SHK is to promote the students’ interests vis-á-vis the foundation, the public sector, business and society, as well as to establish interdisciplinary relationships and networks.

All active members of SHK work on a volunteer basis to ensure your study period will be the best possible. In order to become even better.


Our ambition is to create attractive opportunities.
Promote an inclusive and social student environment.
Make students more attractive to business.
Strive to achieve increased political influence for students.
Be visible and accessible to members and external actors.

Overall goal

The overall goal of SHK is to further develop the student association in a positive and ambitious direction, in order to create a stronger organization both internally and externally. This could also lead to good synergies, such as increased sponsorship revenues, a better CV for students when they embark on their working life, new relationships and experiences in the sense of applying theory in practice during their studies.


The purpose of SHK’s values is to provide a common identity and to establish a basis for effective cooperation and a similar focus on solutions. In line with the association’s vision, it will embody the organization’s desires and ambitions, both in terms of activities in the present and specific goals for the future.

Responsibility: Professional, punctual and reliable.

Relationship-building: Both amicable and professional.

Trust: Towards each other as friends, colleagues and the position’s responsibilities.

Enthusiastic: We are committed and hard-working souls.

Fun: We are going to have fun!

Into Campus

In August, all new students from Kristiania University College and Fagskolen Kristiania gather for Into Campus, an unforgettable orientation week and a wonderful start to the study period.

Participate in everything from big concerts with well-known artists to fun activities, where you get to know the rest of the students. During the startup week, you will create memories for the rest of your life, so this is something you don’t want to miss!

There are volunteer students in the Student Union and the study administration at HK who arrange the entire Into Campus.

Further information about Into Campus wil be published on facebook / instagram and here. 

Do you have any general questions about Into Campus? Please contact


The student union is very happy to accept queries, questions and ideas. Do you have something you want to say or hear, or has something happened in the school that you want to discuss? You can use the contact form for all general inquiries.

Do you want to contact individuals on the committees, in a particular city? Then you will find their contact information under each committee for Oslo, Bergen